Awaken to Kindness

The Montréal Shambhala Meditation Centre is a place to practice meditation and study Shambhala Buddhism, as introduced to the west by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche more than 50 years ago.

Kindness and compassion, gentleness and bravery, intelligence and resilience are nurtured and sustained through ancient and modern methods, strengthening the mind and cultivating a serene and generous approach to living in the material world. Through practices of awareness and appreciation, the centre provides a venue for exploring the potential of every person to feel at home in whatever family or community they find themselves.

Everyone is welcome to attend weekly meditation sessions, regular classes, weekend retreats and public programs. See the calendar for what is being offered. Our vision is to provide an open space with a friendly structure for learning about and cultivating the decency and respect that is sometimes lacking in society. Our teaching staff are well trained and devoted to sharing what we have received from our lineage, which is an ongoing wellspring of wisdom traditions. You can learn more about Shambhala at

We are committed to helping the world wake up to its inherent goodness, with all the good and bad, happy and sad, joyful and profound experiences that make up life. We look forward to meeting you!