Financial contribution

The Montréal Shambhala Centre remains open because of the ongoing generosity of its members and program participants. We feel that no one should be prevented from joining the centre because of financial limitations.

At the same time, the centre is continually challenged to raise revenue in order to stay open and explore possibilities of expanding.

Financial contributions sustain the activity of Shambhala throughout the year. Regular monthly support allows us to create an uplifted environment that supports meditation practice and the Shambhala path to awakenment.

Making a financial commitment is a very important step on the Shambhala path. It is a gesture of support for the Shambhala community, and a clear acknowledgement of the value we feel that Shambhala has in our life. Financial contributions cover the majority of the centre’s operating expenses throughout the year, and allow the centre to plan a yearly operating budget in order to offer Shambhala teachings to the world.

The practice of generosity is different according to people’s situations. We offer some recommended contribution amounts as guidelines, but simply ask that you consider your situation and give as generously as you can – knowing that others benefit greatly from your generosity. We appreciate whatever contribution your circumstances permit.

Recommended Financial Contributions

Tiger $20 – $40/mo Foundation Level (Students/Seniors/Low-Income)
Lion $41 – $80/mo Supporting Level (Suggested for Individuals)
Garuda $81 – $120/mo Sustaining Level (Couples / Families)
Dragon $120+/mo Patron Level

For questions about membership, contribution, and level of engagement, please contact: [email protected]