Learn to Meditate

Would you like to learn meditation and practice at home?

The Montréal Shambhala Centre offers one-on-one introductory online sessions that include full meditation instruction, an introduction to the Shambhala lineage, and time for discussion.

The practice of meditation is an age-old technique that is growing in popularity among people seeking a more sane lifestyle. It is a valuable tool for navigating the frenetic pace and complexity of contemporary life in a healthier way, particularly in these unstable pandemic times.

We teach shamatha (“peaceful abiding”) meditation, which develops mindfulness of breath and body. We familiarize ourselves with the content of our thoughts, emotions and sensations, without passing judgment. When we stop struggling with ourselves, our mind can finally relax.

Contact our experienced instructor: after receiving your request by email, he will set up a Zoom meeting with you.

Contact : [email protected]
Suggested contribution: $10