Joie dans la vie quotidienne
Joy in Everyday Life-in French

Monday 22 March 2021 (19:00 -21:00)
Monday 29 March 2021 (19:00 -21:00)
Monday 5 April 2021 (19:00 -21:00)
Monday 12 April 2021 (19:00 -21:00)
Monday 19 April 2021 (19:00 -21:00)
Monday 26 April 2021 (19:00 -21:00)
Monday 3 May 2021 (19:00 -21:00)
EN LIGNE / online
Teacher : Sylvie Cotton
Contact person : Martine Ouellet
PRIX RÉGULIER / Regular Price : $175
Trouver l'inspiration et l'énergie pour poursuivre notre chemin Finding inspiration and energy to go forward on our journey

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As our meditation practice expands and as we develop a confidence in basic goodness, we begin to discover the energy in ourselves to continue our journey. We shift our attention to others, ready to help, which gives us joy and strengthens our bravery. The Mahayana teachings on compassion inspire us to lead a meaningful life of joyful discipline, free from doubt.

Prerequisite: Contentment in Everyday Life

The program will be given in French.
Registration deadline: March 19.

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