We are the Centre! Each volunteer helps to create an open and welcoming community space. 

Let’s give people who are not familiar with the Shambhala Centre a chance to receive what we have received. Let’s give them a place where they can walk the path within a committed and warm community.

The Shambhala Centre needs you for the great adventure of creating enlightened society. New volunteers are supported by experienced persons who serve as mentors.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

Help us extend the centre’s activities and programs with the magic of virtual connection! Our high quality sound and camera system can be managed by one person for regular activities; for more complex programs, teamwork is preferable. We offer training.

Warm, welcoming persons, inspired by Shambhala vision. Membership is the basis of our financial health and community life. Helping people become members supports our own commitment to the path.

Coordinators are the heart of sharing the dharma with whoever comes to the Centre. This is a precious opportunity to revisit the teachings in the service of various programs and practices. Whether you are experienced or in need of training, you are welcome to join in.

Organizing official Shambhala celebrations, creating inspiring occasions to celebrate together, fostering harmony and expressing appreciation for the Three Jewels. Meditation in action, embodying the warm, dignified and elegant aspects of Shambhala culture.

Well-organized person to perform detail-oriented work, supervised by the person responsible for finances for the past six years.

Organizing classes on the art of Japanese flower arrangement, which is a great way to promote the centre. Creating a calendar of needs to be met by our ikebana practitioners each semester.

People skilled in carrying out repairs, new installations, painting, etc. Ensuring that the Centre, our sacred container, remains in a dignified and good condition.

Are you interested in becoming a reference person for the awake forms of Shambhala? Decorum brings us gently back to the present moment and expresses our appreciation for the Shambhala dharma.

Renting out our beautiful space to appropriate groups generates income for us while being of benefit to them. Sort candidates, show the space, manage contracts, etc. Occasional and detail-oriented work.

If you feel inspired to practice governance with humility, openness, and the Shambhala vision, the Governing Council meets once a month.