You can help stabilize our financial situation in several ways:

All donations and regular contributions over $20 qualify for a charitable donation tax credit.

1 become a supporter
If you are not currently a member or friend of our center, becoming a supporter until we are able to resume our regular programming. We suggest a monthly donation of $25 or more, depending on your abilitys *.
These donations could replace the offerings that would normally go in our “gold box”, located at the reception.
2 become a member
Becoming a member in good standing ensures stable income, essential to financial health. The suggested monthly contribution is from $40 to $60 *.
3 increase monthly giving
If you are already a member or friend of the center, consider increasing your current monthly contribution by an additional $ 25/month * or as your circumstances allow.
4make a one‑time offering
Make a donation
I want to contribute monthly!

By clicking on “I want to contribute monthly” you will be directed to a contribution form.

* Donations and regular contributions over $20 are eligible for a charitable donation tax credit.

For example, 12 monthly payments of $25 = $300 donated annually – tax credit = actual cost to you of approximately $180, or $15/month.

Here is the link for a charitable donation calculator to find out the real cost of your donation, after taxes: