Miksang Photography Practice

Saturday 15 May 2021 (09:30 -12:30)
EN LIGNE / online
Teacher : Daniel La Rue
Contact person : Jean-Luc Monfrais
Cultivate your good eye!

Photo credit: Daniel La Rue, Nalanda Miksang Group

Prerequisite: introductory Miksang photography course

The group convenes every third Saturday of the month.

Miksang photography is a form of contemplative art rooted entirely in the present moment. Miksang training helps to clarify visual perception. The student works mainly on color, texture, light and space, and he explores the notion of "flash of perception". The image is broken down to its simplest form in order to relearn not only to look, but to see.

When the eye and the mind are thus in perfect harmony, the visual world manifests itself directly in all its freshness. There is no longer a struggle. The images produced in this way are strong and vivid, whether taken by a neophyte or an advanced photographer.

Suggested contribution: $20.