The Sacred Path of the Four Dignities: Garuda and Dragon

Friday 26 April 2024 (19:00 -21:00)
Saturday 27 April 2024 (09:00 -17:00)
Sunday 28 April 2024 (09:00 -17:00)
EN LIGNE ET EN SALLE / online and in person
Teacher : John McQuade
Contact person : Martine Ouellet
PRIX RÉGULIER / Regular Price : $225
Garuda-Dragon: the dignities of fruition on the Sacred Path.

Prerequisite: GES, Windhorse, Drala, Meek and Perky.

The third and fourth dignities of Outrageous and Inscrutable embody the fruitional vision and skillfullness of the seasoned warrior. No longer trapped by  hope and fear, the vast  perspective of the outrageous garuda  combines with  inscrutable spontaneity -- of the  dragon dancing in space— to benefit others on a large scale. 
The program will be in english with french translation. 

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